Refund Policy

At DigitizingUSA, our commitment to excellent customer service remains unwavering. Our dedicated customer support team is always available to address any concerns that may arise regarding order cancellations or refund requests. We aim to facilitate refunds for genuine reasons, and the following refund policies apply:

Refunds will be considered under the following conditions:

1. Order Cancellation : If the order is canceled within the stipulated time frame, a partial refund will be provided as per the order cancellation policy.

2. Payment Error : In the event of accidental double payment, we will issue a full refund for the duplicate transaction.

3. Incorrect Product : If a wrong product is delivered, you may be eligible for a refund or exchange as per our return and exchange policy.

Refunds will not be granted under the following circumstances:

1. Change of Mind : Refunds will not be provided if the buyer decides to cancel the order without a genuine reason.

2. Quality of End Product : We stand by the quality of our products, and dissatisfaction with the final product design will not be eligible for a refund.

3. Design Approval : Refunds will not be issued if the buyer approved the design before it was forwarded to the production team.

4. Inactivity during Refund Process : Buyers must actively participate in the refund process; lack of response may hinder the refund claim.

5. Third-Party Involvement : To claim a refund, buyers should communicate directly with us and not involve third parties like friends, family, or lawyers.

6. Return Shipping : In most cases, the customer (returnee) is responsible for covering the return shipping costs. If you need to return the product for a refund, you will likely have to pay for the return shipping.

7. Custom Patches : Due to the personalized nature of custom embroidery patches, they may not be eligible for returns or refunds. Custom patches are often made specifically to the customer's design and cannot be resold to any other company or person.

Please note that DigitizingUSA reserves the right to refuse any refund claim that does not meet the specified criteria.

Our goal is to provide exceptional products and services to our customers, and we strive to handle refund requests fairly and efficiently. Should you have any questions or concerns, our customer support team is ready to assist you.