An embroidery patch is just a piece of fabric with a logo or design embroidered on it using thread or yarn. It is sometimes referred to as a "patch cloth" or "cloth badge." It's a long-standing custom that was formerly painstakingly carried out by hand. Large-scale production of elaborate & complicated patterns is now possible because of the development of high-speed, precise computerized machinery.

There are various ways to attach embroidery patches to the cloth surface, including:

  • Velcro
  • Sew on
  • Use a Tuxedo clip or safety pin to fasten
  • Apply iron


Patches with a flat design

Custom embroidery patches are currently popular in the craft world among all embroidery techniques. One of the major trends for the coming decade is embroidery patches, from the best techniques to the most well-liked patterns. It's simple to understand why; they are inexpensive, transportable, and enjoyable to construct. Giving your fabric a top-notch artistic touch with all different kinds of embroidered patches that you won't find anywhere else is what Cre8iveSkill is all about.

One of the most popular types of embroidery patches is flat embroidery. In order to produce an intricate flat design, these patches have to stitch such as a run stitch, satin stitch, or tatami thread applied directly to the fabric. This approach is typically used when the patterns are complex and extremely detailed. To prevent the linings and facings of the designs from protruding and rising the on surface, the under-stitching, also known as flat stitching, is stitched.

Patches with appliquéd embroidery

The greatest way to add your personal style to anything is with custom embroidered patches. They can be sewed onto backpacks, jackets, hats, and other items where you want to express your personality. The uses for custom embroidery patches are endless and available in a variety of sizes and forms.

Our high-quality embroidery patches, particularly the applique patches, give your products a little extra flair or personalization. To create a specific pattern, woven pieces or designed fabric patches are stitched or adhered to a bigger piece to create applique patches. Attaching numerous smaller patches results in larger patterns.

Patches with Chenille Embroidery

Nothing conveys your individuality and creativity like a custom patch! We are aware that it can be challenging to locate anything truly original in the world of options. Brightly color embroidery patches are ready to stand out from any ensemble and flaunt your personal style. This is because the custom embroidered patches offer countless design possibilities.

The chenille embroidery patch is one of the most exceptional and wonderful patches among all the embroidery patches. Patches made of chenille offer a highly creative texture. The finished item incorporates a variety of forms, patterns, and hues to go with the cloth and backing material.

Reasons to use DigitizingUSA for Embroidery Patches

An art form is an embroidery. It calls for knowledge, accuracy, and most importantly, experience. At DigitizingUSA, we excel in this area above all others. Our extensive knowledge and unwavering proficiency are attested to by our experience of more than 25 years. One needs to be incredibly skilled and give them the finest service possible to last in this fiercely competitive market, right?

Our skilled and knowledgeable team ensures that we meet all of your precise requirements by making the embroidery operations efficient and simpler. We strive to give you personalized patches that don't have any additional threading or thread breaks (that can make even a good design look awful). Our objective is to give you intricate, detailed, vivid, and aesthetically beautiful artwork for your embroidery patches.

Our diligent crew never relents in its quest for excellence. You need all of our knowledge, ingenuity, tenacity, and focus to make your embroidered designs flawless. Do you wish to have a certain image or design embroidered on fabric patches in any format? You don't have to worry about it if you choose Cre8iveSKill's machine embroidery because it supports multiple file formats.

What else? You can purchase high-quality patches at incredibly low costs. To demonstrate how much we care about our clients, we try to put ourselves in their shoes. We demonstrate it, not just say it. How? By offering free minor tweaks or redo and not charging extra for rush orders.