Difference between 3d Puff embroidery and Flat embroidery

Embroidery is a highly specialized type of fabric art since it gives the artist and the client more control over the design. It's also convenient that embroidery should be done on practically any fabric, including polos, caps, shirts, and trousers.

The following is the difference between 3D Puff and Flat embroidery:

Flat Embroidery

  • A decorative stitch, ideally a satin stitch, is used to stitch the embroidered thread flat on the hat. It is the most often used embroidery technique. Flat embroidery is sometimes mistakenly thought to be the only type of needlework.


  • It can be sewed onto a variety of materials, but thicker fabrics yield better results. It’s simple and stylish designs give your clothing a personal touch. Flat embroidery may offer your hoodie and cap collection a one-of-a-kind personal touch.


  • The simplicity and boldness of design are the second difference between flat and 3D embroidery. Flat embroidery enables intricate designs with up to 9 colors per design and more details, such as a picture or complex logos.


  • Picture designs are not appropriate for 3D embroidery. Basic and bold designs, such as brand names in English or simple graphical logos, are better suited to 3D embroidery.


  • The cost is the third distinction between flat and 3D stitching. The cost of 3D embroidery will be almost double that of 2D embroidery. Because the manual work required for 3D embroidery is far more intricate and time-consuming than 2D embroidery, this is the case.


  • The raised-up 3D embroidery is likewise expensive to make and is carefully engineered to not go out of shape or shrink.

3D Puff Embroidery

  • The artwork or typography expands up over the fabric in 3D Puff embroidery.


  • The product price is higher than Flat Embroidery because of the cost of raw materials and the number of stitches used.


  • Sewing a 3D puff takes twice as much time and work as flat stitching. Each letter should be spaced far enough apart to accommodate the design.


  • Flat embroidery looks nice but isn't very bold, which is why it's fantastic for personal styling but not so much for advertising.
  • In comparison, due to its striking appearance, 3d embroidery provides an ideal opportunity to display your business.

How to use 3D Embroidery?

3D embroidery is a fantastic technique for a variety of outfits, including corporate apparel, uniforms, work wear, and any other type of clothing you can think of.

The long-term durability of 3D embroidery is one of its key advantages.

Heavyweight items, such as caps, hoodies, and sweatshirts, are ideal for 3D embroidery. It also looks great on goods like aprons and coats that are worn at work.


Choose the basic Flat embroidery if you want to embroider your T-shirt or sweatshirt. 3D puff can make your hat look way cooler than flat embroidery, but it's only for hats. Its design is unusual and thought-provoking, despite its limitations.

3D Puff can revolutionize your design if you have a simple logo or text with a few characters. Flat embroidery, rather than 3D Puff, will work better if you have a more detailed image with intricate motifs.

Select your unique design based on the requirements and functionality of the final product.