Embroidery machine accessories you must needed

We need sewing machine attachments to make our projects simpler. With this essay, I'd like to help you get started with your collection of sewing supplies.

You'll need to buy basic embroidery supplies like stabiliser, embroidery thread, and embroidery needles before using your new embroidery machine.


However, while deciding on the remainder of the essential machine embroidery supplies, newbies might not know where to begin. I admit that at first, I was quite perplexed.


Let's discuss the equipment needed for machine embroidery for beginners so you can get stitching!


These things typically build up over time. The projects we work on determine our favourites. I've compiled a list of sewing machine add-ons that can be used for various crafts in addition to sewing.


You Need These 8 Sewing Machine Accessories Right Away!


Even if you have a sewing machine, you might not have all you need to get started. Some accessories are required, while others would be wonderful to have in your accessory collection.


I've put up a list of the supplies you'll need to get your sewing project off to a far more successful start.


Do you own many sewing machine accessories? Anyone who enjoys creating probably has a hoarding tendancy. Just in case we need it, there is always something lovely to purchase.


In our workplace, we have a lot of sewing supplies. Some of them, which we have listed below, we have only seldom used, while others are staples that I cannot live without.


  1. Cover for a sewing machine


Particularly if you don't use your sewing machine frequently or if you keep it in a wet, dark, or dusty location, you should consider getting a sewing machine cover.

It keeps your sewing machine clean and safe. You may make one yourself by using this guide if your sewing machine didn't come with one.


  1. Dritz Seam Measuring Gauge, version 2.


The Dritz seam measuring gauge comes in helpful for determining where little objects like buttons or appliques should be placed. It precisely measures 14 functioning parameters.


  1. Clover Hot Hemmer

When pressing hems that are too narrow, this tool is a lifesaver. Because it is composed of heat-resistant and non-slip material, it helps prevent finger burns.



  1. An iron that uses steam


When stitching, a steam function on the iron is crucial. Your creations will significantly enhance when they are neatly pressed, such as when producing mitered corners.



  1. A rotary cutting set from Fiskars

An acrylic ruler, rotary cutter, and self-healing cutting mat are all included in this fabric cutting set. The rotary cutter can sever felt, vinyl, paper, and fabric. It only makes your duty simple!


  1. An organiser for bobbins


Having your threads become tangled up while sewing is one of the worst things that could possibly happen to you! You would need a bobbin organiser if you wanted to prevent this from happening.


As long as you have a location to keep all of your bobbins neatly organised, whether you buy it or make it yourself.


  1. Stitch Gauge

When measuring the distance between buttons, hems, tucks, and pleats, this sewing tool is especially helpful. But don't worry; despite continuous marking, the sliding marker manages to stay in place.


Pin Cushion 8.


Using a pin cushion is one of the best methods to arrange your needles and pins. It is simple to get to them because of the way their heads stick out.


When I was first starting out, finding sewing machine accessories that worked for me required a lot of trial and error. You can only imagine how much money I have spent since there weren't any Youtube reviews back then.


As the decision to purchase sewing machine accessories is dependent on personal preference, I am sure you have your own experience on this as well.


Depending on the project you're working on, you may require accessories like a sewing machine cover, a magnetic seam guide, machine feet, a maintenance kit, thread, bobbins, scissors, needles, tape measure, and pins.

Getting any sort of sewing machine accessory is insufficient. You occasionally need a unique component for a unique endeavour. It's critical to understand the precise requirements of the project you're working on.