Elevating Your Embroidery with Tender Touch Backing

If you're looking for an easy way to take your embroidery to the next level, you're in luck. Tender Touch backing is the ideal solution for turning everyday designs into amazing works of art. Not only does it add cushion and support, but it also gives your projects a luxurious finish that can't be beaten.

In this article, we'll show you why Tender Touch backing is the perfect choice for turning any embroidery project from ordinary to extraordinary. We'll discuss what makes it special, how to use it, and some of our best tips for getting the most out of this amazing product. When you finish reading, you'll be ready to kick your embroidery game up a notch!

What is embroidery backing?

Embroidery backing is a material that is used to support the fabric during the embroidery process. It is placed underneath the fabric before stitching begins, providing stability and preventing the fabric from shifting or stretching. This ensures that the embroidery design is consistent and accurate.

Several types of embroidery backing are available, including tear-away, cut-away, and washaway. Tear-away Backing is designed to be easily removed by removing it from the design after stitching. Cut-away Backing is typically used for heavier fabrics and provides more stability during stitching. Washaway backing dissolves in water and is perfect for delicate fabrics that cannot withstand tear-away or cut-away Backing.

Using embroidery backing is essential to creating high-quality embroidery designs. It prevents puckering, distortion, and other issues that can arise during the embroidery process. Embroidery backing ensures the finished product is consistent and professional-looking by providing a stable foundation for the fabric.

Hand embroidery backing fabric

When doing hand embroidery, you can use a stabilizer as a backing to support your fabric and keep your stitches in place. Common stabilizers for hand embroidery include tear-away and cut-away stabilizers, as well as fusible interfacing.

How to use Sulky Tender Touch

Sulky Tender Touch is a lightweight, iron-on stabilizer that provides extra support and a soft, smooth finish to your embroidery designs. To use Sulky Tender Touch,

follow these steps:

Cut a piece of Tender Touch slightly larger than your hoop or design area.

Place the Tender Touch adhesive side down on the wrong side of the fabric, with the paper backing facing up.

Iron the paper backing to activate the adhesive and bond the Tender Touch to the fabric.

Remove the paper backing and hoop the fabric and Tender Touch together.

Embroider your design as usual

What Backing to use for embroidery

The type of Backing for embroidery depends on the fabric and design used. Common stabilizers include cut-away, tear-away, fusible, and water-soluble stabilizers. Experimenting with different types is best to see what works best for a particular project.

What Is Tender Touch Embroidery Backing ?

Are you looking to add a luxurious finish to your embroidery projects? With Tender Touch Embroidery Backing, you can elevate your project in just a few simple steps.

Tender Touch Embroidery Backing is a lightweight, textured fabric made of polyester fibers. This Backing stabilizes and supports the embroidery stitches in the garment while providing extra cushioning to the threads and fabrics. It also helps protect the garment from high-heat production or frequent washing. Plus, it adds a soft, smooth feel to your skin for comfort.

The Backing is perfect for medium to heavy-weight fabrics such as denim, fine fabrics, and knits. Plus, it's easy to apply; simply attach it to the wrong side of the fabric with steam or light spray adhesive and let your sewing machine do the rest.

With Tender Touch Embroidery Backing, you can rest assured that your embroidered items will look professional and well-made every time.

The Different Types of Tender Touch Embroidery Backing

When it comes to Tender Touch Embroidery Backing, there are a few different types available. Depending on your project, you'll want to select the best type for the job.

Tear Away Backing

Tear Away Backing is great for embroidery projects like hats and polo shirts that require a softer stitched look. The Backing can be easily removed by simply tearing away the excess after completing your project.

Cut Away Backing

Cut Away Backing is strong, durable, and perfect for knits or stretchable fabrics. It also works well on thicker fabrics like denim or chenille. The Backing needs to be cut away with scissors after completing the project.

Wash Away Backing

Wash Away Backing is designed for single- and multi-ply fabrics like cotton, linen, velvet, and suede. Simply remove the Backing once your project is complete by washing it with cold water. This leaves a softer stitched look than tear or cut-away backings and ensures that your embroidery pieces stay beautiful for years.

Benefits of Using Tender Touch Embroidery Backing

The benefits of using Tender Touch backing are endless! Here are just a few reasons why you should consider it for your next project:

Durability: With its polyester construction, Tender Touch backing helps keep your stitches in place and provides extra strength and stability to your fabric. This helps ensure that your designs will withstand the rigors of wear and tear over time.

Easy to apply: The adhesive Backing makes application quick and easy - simply peel off the paper backing and stick it to the wrong side of your fabric!


Machine washable & dryable: Tender Touch doesn't shrink or lose shape when washed, so you can easily wash and dry without worrying about damage or fading.

Tender Touch embroidery backing from [Brand Name] is the perfect choice for anyone looking to elevate their embroidery projects with durable, high-quality results!

How to create Tender Touch Embroidery design  . . . 

Tender Touch Embroidery is a raised or three-dimensional design on fabric. This type of embroidery is achieved by adding a layer of foam under the design, which gives it a unique and tactile feel. To create Tender Touch Embroidery designs, you will need a few supplies, such as foam, embroidery thread, and a machine that can handle the thickness of the foam.

The first step in creating Tender Touch Embroidery designs is to select a suitable design for this technique. Once you have chosen the design, you must digitize it using embroidery software. This will allow you to add the necessary underlay stitches to hold the foam in place.

After digitizing the design, you must stitch out the underlay stitches and then place the foam on top. Once the foam is in place, you can begin stitching the design. Using a slow stitching speed and a larger needle is important to prevent the foam from shifting during the embroidery process.

Tender Touch Embroidery can be used in various applications, such as on hats, bags, and apparel. It is a great way to add texture and dimension to your designs, making them stand out from traditional embroidery. So why not try incorporating Tender Touch Embroidery into your next embroidery project and see the difference it can make

Where can you use Tender Touch Embroidery?

Tender Touch Embroidery is a type of embroidery that adds a unique and beautiful texture to any fabric or material. This embroidery technique is often used in clothing, home decor items, and accessories to add a soft and tactile feel to the design.


One of the best things about Tender Touch Embroidery is its versatility. It can be used in various applications, including children's clothing, baby blankets, pillow covers, and more. This embroidery technique is also perfect for creating beautiful, intricate designs on bags, purses, and hats.


Another great benefit of using Tender Touch Embroidery is that it is easy to do and requires only a few basic materials. All you need is an embroidery machine, a stabilizer, and a suitable design file. With these materials, you can create beautiful and professional-looking designs with a tender touch and feel.

Benefits of Soft Touch Embroidery Backing

Soft Touch Embroidery Backing is a stabilizer used in machine embroidery projects to provide a soft, smooth finish to the final product. This Backing is designed to eliminate the roughness and stiffness often associated with traditional embroidery backings, providing a more comfortable and luxurious feel.


One of the main benefits of using Soft Touch Embroidery Backing is that it creates a soft and pliable surface perfect for items that come into contact with the skin. Whether you are creating clothing, accessories, or home decor items, Soft Touch Embroidery Backing can provide a comfortable and luxurious feel that will enhance the overall quality of your projects.


Another benefit of using Soft Touch Embroidery Backing is its easy use. Simply place the Backing behind your fabric before you begin embroidering and stitching as normal. The result will be a soft, smooth finish that is perfect for various applications.

Tender Touch Embroidery Reviews To Choose It

Tender Touch Embroidery is worth considering if you're looking for a unique and tactile embroidery design. This design has received great reviews from embroidery enthusiasts, who appreciate its soft, plush texture and professional-looking finish. Tender Touch Embroidery is known for producing high-quality results that add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any design.

Many embroidery artists have praised the versatility of Tender Touch Embroidery, noting that it can be used on a wide range of fabrics and materials. The reviews indicate that this technique is easy to use and requires minimal setup time, making it perfect for both beginners and experienced embroiderers.

Overall, the reviews of Tender Touch Embroidery have been overwhelmingly positive, with many artists appreciating the unique texture and feel it adds to their projects. If you're looking for a way to enhance your embroidery designs and add a tender touch to your work, try Tender Touch Embroidery and see the results for yourself!


Tender Touch backing makes embroidery easier and more enjoyable to produce. From its ability to keep the fabric stable while you embroider to simplifying the hooping process, Tender Touch helps professionals and hobbyists complete their projects precisely and easily.

Its soft surface also eliminates the risk of skin irritation while providing a strong backing. With Tender Touch backing, embroidery can be executed beyond perfection, giving the garment a luxurious feel - even if you provide embroidery digitizing services, you should have information about it when competing with others.