Raster to Vector Conversion

Embroidery digitizing is a process that involves the putting of images of symbols, emblems, logos and different designs and decorations on fabrics and garments using the embroidery machine. The images, embroidery machine and the garment therefore constitute the majority of what anyone needs to get a digitized embroidery done casually. The use of images of logos, symbols, emblems and different designs and decorations for embroidery digitizing is quite interesting and it entails the process of making the image of whatever must be put on the garments scalable and of perfect resolution for a quality digitized embroidery work. To understand the important link image format types and embroidery digitizing, the meaning of raster and vector images must be understood.

What is a Raster File?

Images of logos, emblem and symbols are designed by graphics and stored in different types of file formats. Raster file formats for images is in pixels that represents the different colours of the logo or symbol design. Jpeg, PNG are the common raster image files. A raster file after being created cannot be resized because doing that will make it lose its quality as it goes blurry. Resizing, scalability and some other things are needed in the embroidery digitizing service for perfect work and so there is need to for raster to vector conversion or a process known as vectorization.

What is a Vector File?

While raster files are made up by pixels, vector files are of flexible and rescaling pattern that allows for quality image for branding or fabric digitized embroidery. Vector files can be resized for embroidery works. Graphic designers often make logos in the vector formats using Adobe illustrator and clients must get the vector files of the logos and symbols designed by graphics designer for easy use for embroidery digitizing USA or in other climes.

In conclusion, professional outfits offering digitalized embroidery are knowledgeable about converting raster images to vectors for clients in other to get the appropriate image file do their works. The design of your company or business logo represents your business and what you do and getting the perfect image well digitized on fabrics and garments without losing any detail is what everyone loves.  

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